What the shit is a Cloud Farmer?!

We Cloud Farmers are a small collaborative group of commercial creatives, graphic designers, photographers, printers and builders who are energized by the idea of turning our side hustles into our main gigs. We love the idea of creating things outside of worrying about; Will it sell? Will the client be happy? Is this a safe bet?

No I mean what’s with the silly name?

Oh right, here’s a breakdown;

Cloud- For the ethereal nature in which creativity exists in an ever changing and fluid environment. It represents what we love to do and what we are passionate about unrestrained and ungrounded. We are the types that were often referred to as “having our heads in the clouds”

Farmer- The tangible, grounded and realistic side of the name, the need to create a product, a living, something to share, build and grow. It represents the side of our careers that we are closest with currently, the idea of putting food on the table, and the industrial realities of what we do as careers.

What?! This shit is expensive

Calm your sassy ass down, we use quality vendors or try to do everything through the most economic means because we want ya’ll lovely people to have our products and we don’t want to violate trust by ripping anyone off. We believe in the practice of pricing transparency, and open and honest communication.

Whats Price Transparency?

Price Transparency
The accessibility of information on the order flow for a particular stock, allowing knowledge of the quantities of stock being offered and the bids at the various price levels.

Thanks Wikipedia!

Basically we aren’t trying to scam you, and we are trying to bring light to what otherwise seems like an arbitrary pricing to art and design. We aren’t ashamed, we are proud of who we work with, and want to always be transparent about our materials and processes, we don’t think it kills the romance.

The Paper Glitter packet that was included in my order exploded in my face and now i’m seeing stars

Trippy. Well it’s made out of recycled paper so hopefully it’s temporary.

I tried to asphyxiate myself with the polymer bags my product came with.

Please don’t

How can I stay up to date with your releases, events and new products? Do you send messages by Owls or trained foxes?

During training, the foxes befriended the owls and ran off together to the woods. So in the meanwhile you can settle for our mailing list, where promo codes, contests, new product releases, workshops and more good stuff. We promise not to abuse your inbox.
We are also on the facebook and the instagram if you’re into that kinda thing.

Hi! I represent a big company that wants to work with you guys and shower you in gold and gemstones, how do we get in touch with you?

Wow! We are so honored that you would grace peasants like us with your divine presence. Email us at Hi@WeAreCloudFarmers.com